Why Use a More User Centric Approach to SEO
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Keywords are no longer the driving force of SEO and online marketing. Recent developments at Google, and their stride to improve the experience of their users by providing a more accurate SRP though analytic tools such as analog tests, have made traditional SEO tactics obsolete. Keywords have shifted from becoming only about the product to also more about the user and the users experience of searching for what they need. The shift in focus by Google and other search engines to improve user experience by focusing on the user and the accuracy of the user's search results mean that the new methodology when employing SEO should be more user centric than ever.

How to Market to the User - Persona Building

As Google and other search engines have made the search engine experience more about the user and less about the data, SEO marketing tactics must also become more about the user. In order to optimize SEO and key words, we must take a much closer look at the users we are marketing to. To do this effectively, we create personas. The function of a persona is two things: First, it is to give us a perspective of who we are marketing to and second, it enables us to identify and understand the user better. The more we understand and the better we can identify, the more high quality content we can provide our customers. Unfortunately, we cannot understand each search engine user at such an in depth and personal levels, thus making it necessary to instead "group" our individuals together based on common denominators and treat those groups as individuals.
Once you've established a skeleton of a persona to identify a group of people, data research is necessary to add flesh to those bones to create a person. When you search to create your grouped persona, you should take care to use the most exact results possible, and you may also need to incorporate a number of assumptions regarding that persona. The more you are able to create an accurate persona, the more you know your target audience. Once you know who you are targeting your product to, you will be able to use SEO tactics to come up with keywords that your target audience is really searching for using search engines, which means more visitors to a website, and a more successful product and happier customers overall.


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